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Programs for SmileBASIC

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  1. ERROR! Program 1 By: randomouscrap98 4324kl32432 Mice and stuff. Also the first program
  2. ERROR! キイ By: Y____ B3_Y0URS3LF BEE URSELF
  3. ERROR! UNDERDASH demo By: 12Me21 LOLXDWHOCARES It's the nutshack
  4. ERROR! Just testing will delete later maybe By: testuser no i don't wanna
  5. ERROR! test post please ignore By: snail_ D4NKM3M3 bul mao KEEEEEEEEK
  6. ERROR! Well, Cuphead and his pal Mugman and his pal Mugman simulator 2019 By: IAmRalsei_Test MUGM4N JOIN THE MUGMAN ARMY! BE THE 2020TH MEMBER!
  7. ERROR! definetly and SB4 program By: IAmRalsei_Test 4SM1L3B4S1C3 it's dinetly and sb4 progrem
  8. ERROR! random go fix notes By: Perska N0K3YF0U go home you're drunk
  9. ERROR! A new program By: randomouscrap98 test This is just a test. Move along, guys.
  10. ERROR! Kill Lumage 3D By: IAmRalsei_Test K1LL12 Kill Lumage remade from the ground up! (and uh, thought i'd make it clear that i don't hate lum...