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Sound Visualizer

(Works on all 3DS models, without DLC etc.) (This is to entertain the people who don't have all the equipment required to use the modem.) [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZdPgq9luxU]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZdPgq9luxU[/url] The last position on the screen that you've touched determines which program will run To start in visualizer mode make sure you touch the upper half of the screen BEFORE starting the program. The scale of the display is controlled by the left/right position of the touch



- new 3DS - Advanced Sound Processing Unit DLC - 3DS microphone input adapter (This will NOT work with the 3DS's builtin microphone so don't even try lol) Transfer rate: 8182 bits per second Error checking: none lol


Connect the 3DS audio input the audio output of your computer/phone/etc. (I'm assuming you know how to do this) Go to this website: http://12Me21.github.io/2qsp_modem/ (based on http://obono.html.xdomain.jp/storage/petitcom_util/ptcm3_qpsk.html) Choose the file you want to send. (Currently saves data as text, but you can convert it to other formats after receiving)


Sprite centered (no signal detected) Sprite near bottom of screen (detected sync signal with proper volume) (too quiet = closer to center) (too loud = offscreen) You can also use the visualizer to check the signal:

Receiving data

The sprite should appear in 4 locations: (It's normal for these to slowly rotate and then jump back.) The distance from the center shows the volume, like before.


When finished, the checksum should match the one displayed on the sender (if not, the data is corrupted) Input the name of the file to save and press OK If the file contains non-ASCII characters, you'll need a UTF-8 (or whatever format the file was in) decoder (sold separately)
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