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Programs for SmileBASIC

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  1. ERROR! anyway welcome to the better site By: Y____ X60N61V1T2YA Demote Slacker 2016
  2. ERROR! Lowerdash -- Even lower version By: 12Me23 <sub>_</sub> get ready to code some code!
  3. ERROR! ympe-test By: Y____ ASSERT Run unit tests in SmileBASIC!
  4. ERROR! LoWeRdAsH By: 12Me21 ________ lowerdash is a...
  5. ERROR! make sbs great again By: 12Me23 WALL this description is longer than the actual one lol XD
  6. ERROR! Newer Ultra Random's LowerDumb Jewel N# Struct test in the house By: Y____ WIP Yuri. Requires SmileBASIC for Nintendo Spaghetti Force SP
  7. ERROR! Googol yon katamari By: randomouscrap98 ABCDEFG silly goose